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Why not rent out your camper van or motorhome when you're not using. Register an account today and start making money when you're not using it.

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Swift Bolero

4 berth, 2.3 diesel, ideal long distance cruiser


VW Campervan

Ideal weekend campervan with luxury and economy

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Rent out your camper van when you’re not using it! Register your personal account and you decide who, how much and when!

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Do your own a camper van? On avaergae, camper van and motorhome owners only use their van for approximately 4 weeks of the year on average.

Camper vans and motorhomes represent a sizeable investment. Why not recover some of that investement during the time you’re not using it? Our website brings together people who wish to hire a camper van or motorhome and those people who have a van and wish to recoup some of their investment while not using it.


We booked a van on the site. We sent an enquiry form and the owner got back to us and was super helpful. We can't wait for our holiday later this year, it's so exciting!
Fantastic services. We registered our camper van on the site and got enquiries straight away. We already have bookings for the coming year which helps towards paying for the van.
North East
The website made it so easy to hire a motorhome and at a very reasonable cost too. We've always wanted to try one and now we can't wait for our holiday! Thank you

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